Hot n' Spicy Chicken Breading

Hot n' Spicy Chicken Breading

A spicy single or double-breaded recipe with a punchy kick, suited towards those with a palette requiring a little more spice. Used particularly well with chicken wings for a fiery taste.

Packaging/Labelling: At Rupert’s Ingredients we understand every customer is different in requirements. Therefore, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke packaging and labelling which is both professional and unique.

  • Pack size: 10Kg, 12.5Kg, 20Kg and 25Kg
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • No artificial colour or flavour
  • No hydrogenated vegetable fat
  • Storage: Store in ambient conditions away from strong odours and direct sunlight.

    Twelve months from the manufacture date.

    All products are manufactured in a factory with BRC and HMC accreditation (Kosher on request).

    1. Place the clean substrate into water to help the breading adhere properly.
    2. Place the substrate into the breading and, as a general rule, 500g of
      breading to 5kg substrate.
    3. Make sure the substrate is coated carefully and thoroughly. Let the breaded product sit for 10 minutes.
    4. Remove any excess breading before placing the breaded substrate into the pressure fryer.